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FLOW MEASUREMENT:   PD3010/PD5010 Measurement Canada approved Milk Reception System, Batch Control, Blending. Electromagnetic Flow Transmitters, Mass Flow Meters, Positive Displacement Flow Meters, Turbine Flow Meters, Air Eliminators


PUMPS:   Centrifugal, Circumferential Piston, Diaphragm, Drum, High Pressure / Homogenizer, Liquid Ring, Multi Stage, Peristaltic, Progressive Cavity, Rotary Lobe, Shear, WFI, Magnetic Drive, Flexible Impeller, Spare parts


VALVES:   Ball Check, Disk Check, High Purity Diaphragm, Ball, Butterfly, Globe, Mix Proof, Single Seat, Sampling, Air Vent Valves, Vacuum Breakers, HTST Valves, Control Top Feed Back, Spare Parts


INSTRUMENTATION:   Level, Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Conductivity, Instrumentation


FITTINGS - TUBING:   Tri-Clamp, Bevel Seat, DIN, SMS, Butt Weld, NPT Fittings, OD Tube, Sch5-10-40 pipe, Hangers , Escutcheon Plates. Available T304(L), T316(L) Stainless Steel.


HEAT EXCHANGE:   Plate and Frame, Brazed Paks, Tube in Tube, Triple Tube, Shell and Tube, Scrapped Surface, Direct Steam Injection, Falling Filling Chillers, Ice Builders, Spirals, Repair Parts.


FLUID HANDLING EQUIPMENT:   Filters/Strainers, Inline Static Mixers, Magnetic Traps, Storage Tanks, Processor Tanks, Silo Storage Tanks, Balance Tanks, Batch Tanks, Colloid Mills, Spray Balls, Conveying Equipment, Blending Equipment (Dry to Liquid, Ribbon Blenders, Vee Blenders), Flow Verter Panels, Ingredient Feeders.


AFTERMARKET / SUPPLIES:   Sanitary Lubricants, Recording Charts & Pens, Pipeline Gaskets, Pump Parts, Valve Parts, Equipment Parts, Clean Up Brushes, 3M Scotch Brite Pads, Washdown Equipment & Stations, Sanitary Hose Assemblies.